Inspiring. Provoking. Energizing.


Fairness. Integrity. Justice.

We create progressive change with you. We help organizations take action
by including gender and equity principles and evidence in your processes and products.


Does your organization need to integrate gender and equity principles into your work? We’ll help you crystallize your values and goals, examine your programs and policies and identify areas for change.


Does your organization need to examine the evidence for improving gender and equity? We boil down all types of evidence and translate it into practical steps for change.

Skill Building

Do you want to ramp up your capacity in gender and equity in your work? We will build your capacity with you, over time, and measure the results.


Galvanizing Equity is unique. Since 2012, we have brought gender and equity principles into organizations, through tested approaches including training, analysis of evidence and building capacity. We do this with health and social care organizations, funding agencies, government departments, educational and correctional institutions who are invested in creating fairer, more inclusive and equitable programming.

We work alongside you in private and public sector settings to generate and synthesize evidence, and then translate it into concrete advice, products, messages or programs to advance equity, reduce barriers and create a more inclusive and fairer world. Many of our clients become inspired to build their own skills among staff by changing their processes, and we provide that training and mentoring as well.

If your organization wants to, or has to, show results on including gender, equity and trauma-informed approaches in your work, we can help. You will be able to show leadership, prove your worth, and expand your influence. All of our services are evidence based, and tested with a wide range of organizations in Canada, Australia and the UK.

Improving Equity

By providing insightful analyses that assess the impact of gender and other social factors, we help our clients transform their work.

Inspiring Change

Through clarifying values and strategic thinking, we help our clients make changes in many arenas.

Leading Thinking

We facilitate use of technological and interactive approaches to help our clients have meaningful dialogue with their audiences.


  • Strategy and Evaluation

    Need to show your commitment to gender and equity principles? We help you build your organization, and then measure your impact for your funders, your Board or your public. We offer a complete package that includes data collection, document analysis, organizational development, training, and the design of new work processes.

  • Analysis, synthesis, research

    Need a strengthened rationale, or better, up to date evidence? Galvanizing Equity efficiently synthesizes a wide range of evidence, offers analyses that inspire and support new directions and better practices and sharpen your overall focus. We even deal with countering resistance to progressive change within your organization.

  • Capacity-building and Mentoring

    Need training to bring everyone on board? We provide virtual and F2F workshops, small group or individual ongoing mentoring, on-call document and process review, templates for better charters, work processes and onboarding, and tailored tech-based approaches to creating dialogue and increasing your reach and influence that will raise your profile.

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